LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Marketing Labs, currently a series of courses to help you become familiar with LinkedIn’s paid products. The goal is to help users utilize the full power of LinkedIn and optimize any businesses sales performance.

LinkedIn offers tremendous opportunity for lead generation, brand awareness and recruitment. That’s what you get when you have a serious-minded global business channel with 720+ million users with a pretty good spread of people on the platform from all age demographics and job titles.

But with any seemingly overwhelmingly capable platform, a little learning how to navigate is never a bad thing.

Presently, there are seven courses on the site.

There’s an introduction for LinkedIn ads, followed by three basic and three intermediate courses. This offering no doubt will be fleshed out as need and growth and change arise.

Each course is 45 minutes in length.

Lab courses – featuring a mixture of video and text – are currently broken into beginner and intermediate topics.


Introduction to LinkedIn ads – This provides a basic understanding of LinkedIn’s paid marketing solution products. You will be able to set up a basic ad campaign at the conclusion.

Using LinkedIn’s ad targeting – This course refines your use of products as discussed in the first segment. You’ll learn how to target specific groups and individuals with your ad messaging.

Reporting and Analytics for LinkedIn Ads – This course is meant to help you get the best ROI on your LinkedIn ad campaign by showing you analytic possibilities to help you understand the impact of your spend with LinkedIn.


Building a Full-Funnel Marketing Content Strategy on LinkedIn – The intermediate series begins with an explanation of the buyer’s journey. The video shows the LinkedIn’s ability to lead you through the buyer’s process to reach your target audience.

Using LinkedIn for Brand Awareness – Whether you are considering organic or paid options this video makes a case for LinkedIn’s power to build brand awareness.

Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation – Through this course you’ll learn of all LinkedIn’s paid products and their benefits in searching for new ultimately convertible leads.

It’s pretty clear LinkedIn intends or are currently producing a third level of courses for the more experienced. But for those you’ll have to wait.

Before you begin any 45-minute video, you’ll have the option to take a five-minute timed self-assessment, to determine your level of understanding.  Questions aren’t difficult and in some cases simply showcase the benefits of LinkedIn ads. You need some knowledge of terminology or benefits of LinkedIn ads to do well. If you can sufficiently answer the questions, the individual course might not be right for you.


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