LinkedIn is a powerful tool with incredible influence and use within the business community. It’s not just a recruiter’s tool – it has become an integral piece of a company’s digital transformation. It has become an essential for social selling and for extending business-to-business marketing reach.

If you don’t yet have a business page, you are falling behind many of your competition. You will be hard-pressed to find a better source for channel prospects and an easier way to search for just the right corporate contact.

Here are seven essential reasons you need a LinkedIn company page.

1.)    Ease of use for clients – Because the LinkedIn company page is on the same platform as your personal profile, it makes it easier for a searcher to flip between the two pages without leaving the LinkedIn site. There’s nothing more aggravating than needing to go to multiple platforms to complete a search.

2.)    Humanizes your business – Your company page offers you the opportunity to share more about your company’s human side. Business needs to make a human connection with potential clients and product researchers – and you can express much about your company culture through your LinkedIn company page.

3.)    Aids in recruitment – Recruitment is a growing LinkedIn tool. If you recruit through LinkedIn you can list your jobs on your company page and you’ll receive interest from candidates from within the channel you didn’t know existed.

4.)    Provides greater points of customer contact – All your employees who list themselves in employment at your firm, will be listed on your company page.  This helps a seeker find out if he knows anyone already at the firm who can talk about the company, or perhaps make an introduction to the proper internal contact.

5.)    Keep up with the marketplace – If you don’t populate your company page, you will fall behind the competition. A company who learns to harness the complete power of LinkedIn has a tremendous advantage in recruitment, sales and branding.

6.)    Easier to share messaging – You can set a page up to notify employees of new messaging with all listed employees. In turn, staff can share that message with their communities, extending reach and solidifying the overall message and marketing direction of the company.

7.)    Showcase product or services – You can showcase products or services on special pages for easy access and organization.

Like all LinkedIn elements, you can start small and improve you page a little at a time. If you spend even seven minutes a day, you will be surprised how quickly your page improves, grows and becomes a catalyst for business growth.

Peter Haggert is trains companies in the optimized use of LinkedIn and other social selling tools. He can be reached at or through .

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